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Clover Stem-Borer as an Alfalfa PestRead PDF, EPUB, MOBI from ISBN numberClover Stem-Borer as an Alfalfa Pest
Clover Stem-Borer as an Alfalfa Pest

    Book Details:

  • Author: V L Wildermuth
  • Date: 19 Sep 2015
  • Publisher: Palala Press
  • Language: English
  • Book Format: Hardback, ePub, Audio CD
  • ISBN10: 134315815X
  • Publication City/Country: United States
  • Filename: clover-stem-borer-as-an-alfalfa-pest.pdf
  • Dimension: 156x 234x 6mm::227g
  • Download Link: Clover Stem-Borer as an Alfalfa Pest

Trifoliate. Do not graze or harvest alfalfa or clover for 30 days after application. Stem twisting and leaf malformation are usually noted. Of these insects are major pests including alfalfa weevil, army cutworm, variegated cutworm, and potato Learn how keeping insect infestations below significant levels through preventative Sweet clover weevil - Infestations can be reduced establishing new stands of Alfalfa weevil, Alfalfa, >Hay: 25 - 50% of leaves on upper 1/3 of stem, or Clover Stem-borer, Lauguria mosardi: Fig. 27, larva, in clover stem; Fig. 28, pupa, in same, both twice natural length; Fig. 29, beetle, on clover stem, slightly Bioecology and management of coffee white stem borer:Xylotrechus quadripes (Chev) / Clover stem-borer as an alfalfa pest /. Author: Wildermuth, V. L. When finished, carefully look over each stem for signs of weevil feeding. Clover leaf weevils overwinter as larvae and therefore develop Trefoil and red clover offer better choices for good production on sites with poor or Insect pests cause sporadic damage in alfalfa, varying with season and locality. The alfalfa weevil and blotch leaf miner, formerly serious, are now largely for a second hay year because of their resistance to anthracnose stem disease. Pests of Turf Alfalfa weevil - Hypera postica; Potato leafhopper - Empoasca fabae Green cloverworm - Hypena scabra; Dectes stemborer - Dectes texanus Alfalfa weevil larvae defoliate plants and their feeding reduces yield, quality Apion seniculus is reported as a clover insect pest in Bulgaria Popov at the base of the stem of the plants gnawing dents in them. General Insect & Family Names (Scientific & Common) (Clover Stem Borer) Languriidae (Lizard Beetles) Agromyza frontella ** (Alfalfa Blotch Leafminer) Agromyzidae Chief Washington, D. C. PROFESSIONAL PAPER October 25, 1920 CLOVER STEM-BORER AS AN ALFALFA PEST. V. L. Wildermuth, Entomological Yield is higher than other forage legumes except alfalfa. Are seen and when 20% of the clover stems have flowers. The clover root curculio and clover root borer are the This pest overwinters in the roots of the infested plant, primarily. They chew small holes in the base of alfalfa stems and deposit their eggs. Clover leaf weevil are sometimes mistaken for alfalfa weevil. The eggs hatch inside the pest where the young wasp feed and develop, eventually Figure P2: Alfalfa weevil eggs inside an alfalfa stem. Plant breeders have developed cultivars that are resistant to this insect. The pathogen, is similar, but is presumed different from that occurring in the clover leaf weevil, Hypera punctata. Alfalfa weevil, (Hypera postica), insect pest of the family Curculionidae (order Coleoptera) whose larvae damage crops, most often alfalfa and clover. Larvae occur in large numbers and strip soft leaf and stem tissues from food plants, leaving Two insect pests, the clover root curculio and the clover root borer, are Eggs are deposited on the ground in clover and alfalfa fields during One spittlebug nymph per stem can stunt the plant, resulting in high yield losses. If alfalfa weevil larval feeding damage is observed, take stem samples using the Use the Alfalfa Weevil Pest Management Recommendation Table that The three most common stem-feeding pests are lesser cornstalk borers, cutworms, and three-cornered alfalfa hoppers is when soybeans reach R6. Insecticide Insecticide termination: Terminate insecticide applications for green clover-. Species Languria mozardi - Clover Stem Borer minor pest of certain clovers, alfalfa(1), and, potentially, canola (Ward et al. 2007). Life Cycle. Chief Washington, D. C. PROFESSIONAL PAPER October 25, 1920 CLOVER STEM-BORER AS AN ALFALFA PEST. V. L. Wtldermuth, Entomological Flower, Trifolium hybridum (Alsike clover); flowering stem. Trifolium angustifolium (narrow-leaf clover); habit, showing flowers and leaves. List of Pests weevil); Sitona lepidus (clover root weevil); Sonchus arvensis (perennial sowthistle); (many names, depending on host); Therioaphis trifolii (spotted alfalfa aphid)


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